Writing – The Tale of The Live Chameleons: Chapter 6

The Tale of The Live Chameleons




Stewart Thornton sat and looked at his reflection in the bedroom mirror. His fair hair hung just below his jaw and his features were thin and half hidden beneath scrubs of fuzzy facial fluff.  He sighed. Opening a draw in the cabinet below the mirror he removed a plastic box, a large pair of scissors and a cassette tape. Taking the cassette tape he got up and put it in the stereo, pressed rewind then play. The speakers hissed as the tape began then the loud sound of dance music blasted out. Stewart Thornton stood on the spot nodding his head in time to the bass drum – boom,boom,boom,boom,boom,boom,boom,boom.

He remembered this track, from nineteen ninety-seven, he would have been eight or nine back then, he looked at the cassette box, The Drome 97.

Once again he sighed.

Moving back to the cabinet he opened the plastic box, inside there was a set of electric hair clippers, he plugged them in then sat down and stared into the mirror. Picking up the scissors in his right hand he began hacking at his hair, chopping away. Taking chunks of hair here and slices of hair here his wild barbery fell in time with the music and he was cutting  – boom,boom,boom,boom and hair fell about the place, his fair locks covering the cabinet surface boom,boom,boom,boom boom,boom,boom,boom the music was reaching it’s peak, a break coming up boom,boom,boom …..Stewart looked up at the mirror, he grinned when he saw his reflection then laughed.

“I look like Worzel Gummage when he’s got his Mental Patient head on.”

The DJ on the tape had begun mixing another track in. Stewart Thornton smiled gently.

He took the hair clippers and set it to number two. He didn’t want a skinhead but it had to be short. He switched the clippers on and began shaving. His remaining hair came off easily and he even managed to shave his back of his head without too much difficulty.  Next Stewart took from the drawer an electric razor and removed the fluffy hair from his cheeks and finished by shaving in a goatee style beard and moustache.

Getting up Stewart opened the wardrobe and removed a tracksuit on a coat hanger along with a t-shirt wrapped in sealed plastic and a shoe box. He shook all the loose hair from his head and took off his worn t-shirt and jeans and put on the new t-shirt, tracksuit and trainers. He stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself, he was no longer looking at Worzul Gummage.  Stewie now looked the part.

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