Writing -The Tale of The Live Chameleons: Chapter 3

The Tale of The Live Chameleons

3.To Score Four Hundred E’s


I was buzzing my tits off. Provided everything went to plan I was gonna be four hundred pounds up on today plus I’d tax a few of the tablets before I passed them onto this Stewie kid. I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about getting wrecked tonight, I hadn’t had ecstasy for a while, mostly been snorting the speed that I’d been knocking out, obviously before I bashed it with glucose and paracetemol, I wouldn’t want to be putting that shit up my nose, so a bit of e would be nice for a change. I began planning the evening out so I could just chill later.


1.Phone Stewie

2.See Mac Get pills.

3.Tax about eight pills from bag.

4.Give Stewie pills.

5.Go Home

6.Phone Malvin, try to get some weed.

7.Phone Sharon, try to get some beaver.

8.Switch phone off.

9.Get fucked.


So that was the plan, pretty good plan too I thought. I’d pay Mac tomorrow or the day after or as late as possible. The longer I had that money the more time I could reinvest it in more gear. Could even get some coke, I’d defo be making more selling that than I would knocking out amphetamine or pills. Happy days. It was time to phone Stewie.

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