Writing – Ode to a Pessimist

Ode to a pessimist


Each morning when I wake
before I lift a lid
I know one thing for certain
that this day will be shit


As I munch my soggy cornflakes
and gulp my tepid tea
the most important meal of the day
feels like the last supper to me


Rushing through the traffic
to get to hell on earth
one day they’ll build us robots
so we don’t have to work (yeah right!)


Dealing with the public
is sure to make me itch
and working with the general stupid
will never make me rich


These monkeys I call colleagues
just make my claret steam
I find it easier to close my eyes
fall asleep at my desk and dream


But fuck me if my dreams aren’t shite
nightmares recur each day
I dream I’m awake and I’m in work
even my fantasies are mundane


At least it’s nearly 5 o’clock
and I can get off home
get away from all these sad fuckos
and be miserable alone.


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